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Originally Posted by Aquamarine
Originally Posted by TheDragoon
Ive tried searching but had no luck.

Originally Posted by VipaMave
Do a search next time please.

Yea, thanks for that usefull posting to encourage him, Vipa. Tard.

Dragoon, you should have very few issues (if any) with importing those into the country. There are a FEW that are regulated (ACOG if I recall) but otherwise, go hog-wild! Just be prepared to pay shipping and potential customs fees.
The question has been asked before.
Originally Posted by Grim Fandango
Receivers and handgun slides/frames are restricted from import, as well as silencers. Those I know for sure will get seized. Internals, scopes/RDS and accessories should be OK, but it's up to the custom official who inspects the package to decide.
Also in the newbie guide
Originally Posted by Meat
It should be added that parts and other such accessories are usually ok to import. Your new scope or stock won't be stopped at customs, but the typical belief is that the more and more a part looks like a gun, the less likely it is to cross. Metal bodies would be the most likely to be siezed for example.
I'm a tard because I missed one line that has nothing to do with his question? Sorry if I don't thoroughly read through the forums as if my life depended on it. The fact he asked a question already answered before lead me to assume that he did not do a search in the first place.

Take your head out of your ass.
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