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I'm sure everyone appreciates the comments of who you CAN trust to make your purchases, but lets try to keep this on topic and in focus.

Atlantic Armory took 9 weeks to send me the G36 I paid for up front and that was magically rushed to me only after creating a thread about it here and mentioning to Cory how easy and effortless it is to file in small claims court. We made an agreement that a partial refund would be provided with the gun as well.. guess what... no refund. No surprise there.

This is obviously NOT appropriate conduct for a business catoring to such a close-knit community. Lisa it is great that you removed them from the retailers list at the top. It is unfortunate that any business should have to be removed for any reason especially when it was built by someone else with much higher standards of service. New ownership seems to have taken AA into the wrong direction.

I've already spoken to Craig in regards to his pending AK order and I can only hope he contributes his own troubles to this thread as well.
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