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Originally Posted by Man Solo
This is awesome!
Ok someone has to correct me if I am wrong. The the way that I read it, I see nothing that says people over the age of 18 (ie me) cannot own, transport, or use replica firarms.
There is also nothing that says I cannot brandish them in public.
Is there some other law that I am unaware of?
I was under the impression that replica's were illeagle to ANYONE. That is why airsoft is in constant jeapordy. I thought they are in kind of a grey area, being not really a replica because it can fire bb's, replica's being defined as "non-firing".
Does this mean airsoft is actually legal?
You thought wrong... Jeez have you read the law?

We have talked about this exact issue at TTAC3 many times Man Solo.. and you were in the room....but clearly not listening...

Airsoft weapons have never been illegal....but they are proscribed under the criminal code... as long as you agree that they are replicas, Of course some people still cling to the idea that something sold on the basis that it is a 1:1 replica of a real weapon is not in fact a replica.

Replicas are the only prohibited devise that you can own and transport without a license if you are over 18.

There is nothing in the definition of a replica that says anything about firing, non firing..bla bla bla.. A replica is anything that looks like a firearm but is not a firearm.. full stop.

The relevant sections of the Criminal code are posted at

I'm not interested in debating this... Read the law..
I've talked to the police.. criminal and civil lawyers .. and I assure you the status of replicas is anything but grey.
The only thing grey or hazy is most people's understanding of the law... evident from your statment.
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