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Originally Posted by MadMax
The Scugog bylaw declares "no person who is less than 18 years old shall possess a replica firearm or imitation firearm while on public property or on private property to which the public has general access." An imitation firearm is defined as "any device that is designed or intended to resemble a firearm or replica firearm or may be reasonably mistaken as a firearm."
This is the only bit out of the whole speil which is really worrisome to me. Pball places are private property generally accessible to the public. Under the current definition of the bylaw, we could be prosecuted for playing in pball arenas.
only if you are under 18, which is moot anyway as no one under 18 can have replicas in their possession, unless accompanied by their parent or legal guardian.. which is the typical requirment for minors anyway...

so ... still no change
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