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My story comes from my first game
For some unexplained reason, a caboose had been left 100yds off some train tracks near where I live, so the guys in my area use that caboose as a building of sorts in their games (pretty sweet accually). Anyways, it was the third or fourth game of the day, and it had started to snow some so it was damned cold. My team of four people were trying to make a desent assualt on the place, but the cabooses cover was so good we wen't making any progress and as such we were in kind of a lull. I had used my ninja skills to get within 50ft of the place unseen (only had a G18c AEP and a hicap, it helped), and after about 5min of just freezing there I decided, screw it, I'm going. I dashed to the door, kicked it in movie style and sprayed, no, hosed the two stunned members of the opposing team who were inside. Then out of nowhere, I got shot! I called my hit and left the caboose with the other two guys. After asking who hit me, they came out of their stun and I learned that just before I had busted in, they had gotten bored and were goofing around. One of the guys had striped off his web gear and crawled into one of the engieers lockers in there and was trying to keep warm, so when I busted the door in, the other two were in the process of laughing at the guy goofing around and that guy was cut off from his gun. The game ended about 1min later with the trapped man surrendering. Two of my other teamates had covered the enterences to the train, so the guy couldn't reach across the 2ft to grab his m4 and the only gun he had on him was a G19 so he decided to save himself some raping. I laughed so hard I nearly cryed, it was awsome

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