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Originally Posted by Nick_273
Hi, I am 15 years old and wish to purchase an Airsoft gun... I consider myself reasonably mature and realize that signs would have to be posted around the property...

Originally Posted by pugs144
...And I see you've now changed your birthdate so you're now "19 years old". Nice deke dude, that's totally l33t.
You say your mature, yet you decide to do several things that scream 'wrong' to me....

Changing your age on your profile clearly shows you are not mature enough to accept the fact that (for the majority of ASC's members) minors, unless having proven themselves 'mature' IN OTHER PEOPLE'S EYES being trustworthy of owning an airsoft gun. Anyone looking at themselves thinks they are better than the truth.

Another thing that seems wrong to me is the fact you decide to buy a handgun first... [Don't get me wrong, I'm not saying you will do this, but its what I see in my mind.] since handguns are easily concealed pretty much anywhere on the human body. I could see at some point your friends pressuring you into bringing it to school. I've seen 18year olds do that with CT springers, so it wouldn't surprise me if you did the same. Only difference, CT springs look fake, KSC Glock 19 will come across as a real firearm.

Take Drake's suggestion wait 3 years, or if you really must... show up at games in a year to prove your 'maturity'

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