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Advice Needed

Hi, I am 15 years old and wish to purchase an Airsoft gun. After doing much research and posting on forums, I have decided to purchase a Glock 19 from KSC . My parents own a large property on which I would be able to play. I consider myself reasonably mature and realize that signs would have to be posted around the property, notifying people of the situation. If larger games would be hosted, the local police would be notified, aswel. I am fairly up to date with laws/regulations and the entire airsoft situation and do not wish to put the Airsoft sport at jeopardy. Any advice on pretty much ANYTHING Airsoft related would be appreciated. Also, do you think an Airsoft store front retailer would have any problems if my father and I go into the store and purchase an Airsoft gun or would it be better if I did not come along? (I realize that it is illegal for somebody under the age of 18 to buy an Airsoft gun, but my dad would be buying it, I would merely come along).

Thank you and I appreciate your advice.
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