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You really should decide for yourself whether you want handgun or rifle. If you're going pistol, then decide between GBB (gas blowback... a simulated recoil) or NBB (non-blowback, no recoil). WA is expensive but good quality, TM is your all-around good choice, then the middle (KSC, KJW, etc.) and then your knockoffs (WE). With the lower ends, you can read all the reviews you want about guns that work flawlessly and others who get lemons. I'm a pistol guy myself. I've had my share of bad luck. As for what's better... go for what you think looks nicest. That's the advice I was given and that's what I tell everyone else.

As far as rifles go, I really don't know all that much so I won't say anything.

Have you thought about shotguns? I recently started playing with them and I love them now. Keep in mind that I play CQB only, not outdoors.
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