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Originally Posted by Sgt_Lynch
There is a simple solution to this issue: If it's over priced... don't buy it.
It amazes me a thread about this can run 3 pages. The reason prices seem inflated is because people are paying it. It's like Ebay, the damn prices keep escalating... because retards like thowing away their money.

I agree that some prices not only for guns but some gear is on the high side sometimes. I do get the urge to send a seller a link of it brand new for less, but I don't.

I agree with Lynch - if you see something listed and its priced wrong DON'T BUY IT! If you are in the market for an item - ignore the post and buy it from someone else - but if your just cruising through the FS ads and see something priced high a.) Relax b.) Slowly move your mouse and click the back button.

People try to absorb the cost of the gun that they're selling. i.e. adding internals may not be of interest to the buyer - but it sure as hell was to the seller when he dumped cash in to it. (it also is forgotten that some people cant make these upgrades themselves and pay someone to do it)

A bit of a ramble - but Lynch is right!
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