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Originally Posted by dynomite69
Ok but this isn't the late nintys is it. It is not difficult to get these items any more. There are roughly 14 dealers on this very site listed in the Canadian retailers that a person can purchase from without being verified. I just think that if I bought something new it's automaticaly fifty bucks less and if I have used it a bunch o times it's another fifty less. Perhaps I upgrade it and now its 100 bucks more but I use it for a year and it is a hundred bucks less due to wear and tear. So I sell it to a buyer at that price. They inturn use it for a time and decide to sell it for less than the price they bought it at. It just keeps on losing value doesn't it. In the end it's your decision to buy or sell at whatever price you like I just thought I'd find out the reasoning behind it. So far I guess it's just because it's a sellers market and you might as well buy new just to make sure there are no problems and head aches that can't be rectified.

Just my oppinion. MUch like an ass hole evey one has one.

What if they originally bought it at an inflated price? It would seem fair to them to charge the inflated price minus a few bucks. Whether or not it sells is another issue, but it probably seems fair to them.
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