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You know what, I'm really suprised by this thread.

There are only occasioanlly the really retarded deals (like a stock TM SR16 with extra hi-cap for $700), but you cannot really blame them. Not everyone can get an awesome deal from a retailer, for example, SR 16s used to cost what $650 as recent as last summer new, toss on a new Hi-cap bought from a retailer at $70, your looking at 720, if the SR is in good shaped or not used much, 700 shipped is a reasonable price given the initial investment.

Honestly, I'm sick of people bitching about prices, especially when you PM a seller, telling them "OMGWTFBBQ your pirces are teh high". These days, that will just make me never, ever, deal with you, ever. Look at the average market prices for these things NEW before bitching, or making an offer. The only time that someone should complain over a price if if its something like "Old Style TM M4, NIB $700", when they retailer signifigantly lower, only then should someone respectfully, and privatly point out that the price is way over the new market price, and should be adjusted.

The truth is, everyone expects to get everything, for nothing. This is especially true on these boards, while not so on others (AO,WPT, etc). Mostly becuase the majoirty of newbs end up here trying to buy kit for dirt cheap prices, thinking its like paintball. Not to mention that you often see upgarded AEGs selling for the same price as their stock counter-parts.

Honestly, these prices aren't that bad, and so long as your not a dick to the seller, you can often haggle the price down.

In short, prices here are relativly decent, and in fact lower than they used to be, due to how constrained the local ASC marketplace became due to the 18+ restriction. Now before some asshole jumps me for "OMGWTFBBQ you want to sell to min0rs!", let me note that many who are of age can not purchase until being verified, and until recently, there had been members waitingin 3+ months for their verification to be fucking acted upon.
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