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I agree with what your saying here. I was lucky. I bought a used gun, but it's served me perfectly. Like what was said before, it's simple supply and demand, we can't get airsoft in as easily as other countries, so guns are a kinda of rare commodity. I'm saying this relatively, compared to other things out there you can buy there not AS easy to get. Knowing this, people buy high and try to sell high. I think another reason is the market here. Nobody poor plays airsoft. So if they're willing to pay the high prices why change it.

My advice, like what the other people in this thread have said, be careful. If you don't like the prices don't buy'em. That's the best way to show them they're overcharging. I haven't bothered to get verified yet, so I'm limited to the parts section, but there's often ridicolous prices for that stuff too, most of it doesn't get sold.
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