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well my rule when i buy ANYTHING used is that i dont go anywhere thats not within a 2 hours drive. my next rule is ethier now the seller or get a chance to play around with the item in question cause thats the best way to get something done. then make sure that if the deal goes south that the seller would be welling to pay for some of the repairs or well let me return it. yes yes i now i'm a little bugy when it comes to used stuff but when i get boned outa 500 bucks in repairs cause the item that was being sold had some nice shit in it and didn't have the stuff when i got it in the mail then the seller disappered and was in BC that pretty much ruined it for me when it came to used items. but i may lay off when it comes to buying used cause if the seller does wrong i can just leave a little comment or post going where my item/money right.
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