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The price of used stuff!

I can not believe the price of the used stuff on this forum. Now I know never complian about a price but... ONce it's bought, IT'S USED!!!!!!!!
I bought a brand new guitar, changed the strings and the pickups and basicaly made it work and sound better and the dealer at the store said tuff. It's used. After speaking with a car sales man he explained to me that once a car has been bought and paid for if you turn around and I mean right around and return it to the dealership it is automaticaly five grand less. It's used! I purchased a gbb about four months back fielded it in maybe 12 games the thing is still in like new condition but it is now used. So I sold it for a reasonably used price and it moved faster than I could have imagined. I don't think these things appreciate in value as time goes on and I could be wrong but c'mon we're not talking about Davici' or Michealangelo' here. I know I'm gonna get attacked here but I seriously want to hear from all of you. So please let'r rip.

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