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I was a poor child ... I envy you :P

For starters since your out in the big open I suggest an AEG ... really it doesn't matter what kind of AEG you get since they all preform the same at stock level. It all depends on your taste (yes I know this is in the FAQ) lol so yes ... if you want a gun that will last aim for a Full Metal kind ..and since your outdoors I believe the FPS limit would be 350fps or so which would be alright if you decided on purchasing an ICS, CA, or SRC type. But make sure you look into what guns of those brands your getting since the older versions do have faults. If you want reliability on the preformance of your gun just stick with a TM .. and as mentioned before, it doesn't matter what kind of AEG you get since they are all the same more note would be if you want longer lasting battery than get a full stock rather than a retractable one so you can fit in a large battery. Anyway I think I've covered a small bit, hope it's been usefull
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