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Originally Posted by AvroAero
I'd have to say that Rangers, Tru, and Spec arms are the best. I've dealt with SD-Unit too but not anything major (mags and such). They handled themselves well, but recently they've lost their website and haven't been updating whats left of it lately. I'm a little sketchy about DEA since their inventory is similar if not the same to Rangers and so is their site. Seems fishy. But they have a rep while I wasn't present here so I'd give em a go if they had something I needed. I also like that rangers has 4% tax, only really major when your buying 500 and up or so.

Also 007 has what looks like a creditable website just haven't tried them yet.
007 is pretty safe to deal with although their listed price is a bit higher. I've tried to buy my G3/SG1 from them but by the time I sent the money, it wasn't available anymore.... Ken was pretty good at responding and explainning what had happened and refunded my money promptly. At the time it was about $750.

The fact that he responded quickly to that and refunded my money promptly made me feel that I could trust them enough to do business....
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