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Originally Posted by Sephir0th
Yeah after all this, I'll definately reconsider buying online again.

I do blame myself for waiting this long thou.

At least they replied me this morning, saying they had a storm, and that hes going to send out my refund now, which is still odd...since paypal takes one minute, but oh long as I get it.
To be honest, I don't have to deal with these guys to understand they are jerks and liars.

I wouldn't have been as optimistic as you however. I haven't been burned yet (a testament to the people I buy from on this board) but I have learned from other threads just like this one. I hear one excuse (they had a storm? give me a fuckin break) and I'll let it slide. Two or more and I ask for a refund, I don't care what they say. It's here today? Too bad. You didn't fulfill your commitment.

My question is why the fuck are these guys still on the "Canadian Retailers" bar on this site? This thread alone is testimony that they should at least be pulled for a probationary period. Maybe they can get their shit togther and get back on the list.

It's a real shame online retailers can't take a lesson from some of the retailers on this board. I have bough from these boards a couple of times, and always been impressed with the communication.

Most retailers here send out regular emails with updates without having to be hounded at all. IT's CUSTOMER SERVICE and it's obvious these guys don't have a fuckin clue what that is.

It's to their detriment. In this game all you need are a stable supplier and good communication and you can corner the fucking market.
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