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Group order on goods gone very wrong. Guy said he could get mucho guns for mucho cheap. Supplier didn't pay out, aparently.

Edit- I should add that some people receiving products 3 years after order.

Also in his defence the orginal reference was just ''propscam''. Besides even if he looked in the threads it one of those... easier to understand when sh!t's explained dealio's... there's alot of reading to do otherwise. And eyes crossing. It's late. It was mildly vague. To every n00b but me. Wow.... I just... refuse to explain...

Originally Posted by Grim Fandango View Post
Ok, so let me get this straight here Megan.

- You wish to buy your boyfriend some airsoft stuff and/or video games for christmas
- You enjoy playing airsoft
- You enjoy playing video games
- You like to drink beer
- You seem to have a reasonably healthy obsession with sex

Do you happen to have like, a sister, who is like you in all these ways and is single, and lives in Toronto
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