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I've almost given up on ordering airsoft online, outside of Tru and Rangers. Been at this shit for more then 5 years, and never had a problem till recently. Started with DEA not replying to my order or questions for a week. Then I decided to buy 2 used GBBs instead of 2 new. Ordered from 2 different sellers, both of which had good feedbacks. The first one took about a week JUSt to ship out, and was also shipped with 2 spare mags and the gun itself in one of those bubblewrap Canadapost bags, inside of a plastic grocery bag?? WHAT IN THE BLOODY HELL.

Second is now onto 2 weeks. First week I was told he couldnt send it and he gave it to his little brother to send out. Then it turned into it didnt make it in till the weekend. Then I waited all week with no reply to my PMs. Then he got them on the weekend, and never replied to them. The LEAST someone can f*cking do is reply. If he's been lieing the whole time, fine, I dont give a shit, just tell me where my god damned product is, or give me my money back. I couldnt care less what happens as long as I'm not out of pocket at the end of the day. I'd rather be told honest information, about not being able to ship, then bullshit and silence. PM me every day I dont give a shit.

People are so quick to take your money, but dont have the time of day to send you your product in return.

Never again.

Sorry to add to your rant.
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