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One thing that may be understandable is product defects. We have to remember that airsoft guns are almost entirley made in Asia to standards that we may not accept here. Some small issues are very common and not worth getting worked up over.

All retailers are at the mercy of the manufacturer when it comes to parts missing, or assembly issues or premature breakdown. From what I understand, nearly every retailer will try his best to rectify the problem. If they do nothing to try to satisfy the customer, that IS a problem.

If a retailer will not honour his end of a business transaction by reasonable shipment time or with the correct product, this is also a problem. Unfortunately for SephirOth, he waited FAR to long for problem resolution.

As a consumer, it is your right to demand return of money if product is not shipped to you in a timely fashion. If you do a pre-order of an unreleased product and know that you must wait for it, that's one thing and a whole seperate trade agreemment. But to wait for an "in-stock" product for 4 months+ with no resolution is totally unacceptable.

It truly is a shame that airsoft was not such a restricted market for both sides of the retail world. Guys who perform this way on the retail end would fade away from customer distrust and disloyalty.

I'm only hearing one side of this tale, so my opinions are just that: opinions and really meaningless without the whole story. But if you fail to get satisfaction from Atlantic Armory, it is your right to go elsewhere. Your lost money, however, is a tale yet to be told.
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