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Angry Atlantic Armory F- (Long Rant)

This may be a bit of a long rant, but before you decide to purchase from Atlantic Armory, you may want to read this first.

This is basically what has happened to me in the last few months. I saved every email so the dates are 100% accurate.

I ordered a KWA FMU Glock 19 from them on October 5th, which was listed as available at the time on their website. I had not bothered to look on Airsoft Canada for any reviews, but since it was listed as one of the retailers, I thought I could trust them.

I emailed them on the 15th of October to follow up on my order, and to make sure they had it. They replied on the 27th and told me that his supplier JUST got it in, and that he is shipping to me right away, and that he was sorry for the delay.

On the first of November, Cory emails me saying that my Glock is now in, and for me to email him back. I msníd them and they said that their site was down, and they lost all my info. Of course, I wrote back to them write away with my info and expected my order to come shortly. Of course it never came, and I followed up on the 17th, and gave them my info again. This time, they told me to email it to their email at The person replied, saying that they would forward it to Cory. He then called me, and told me that the gun SHOULD arrive soon, or if I wanted, could take my money back. I thought Iíve waited this long, might as well wait a couple more weeks.

On 13th of December, He emails me saying that the gun is in (again), and that he has to pick it up, and on the 19th, he says he has my gun. By now, I figured it was well worth the wait and that my gun is finally here. I wait another month, email them on the 10th of January, and he says that its here, and the guy is putting together the order and should get a tracking number for me soon.

So now I wait another month, and decide that Iíve had enough. I emailed them on the 1st of February, and ask for my refund. Now, all of a sudden, they reply saying that the gun is shipped out, and that they can get me a tracking number (which I never got). I send a couple more emails now demanding my refund. No reply.

Now, I decided to try to go to Paypal and do a seller complaint and see if I can get my money back from them. Of course, since I waited for 4 months, they canít do anything for me anymore. No sooner had I filed I complaint, I get an email from Cory telling me ďnot to start sh!tĒ with Paypal. They took my money, didnít send me my order, and he gets offended when I try to get my money back. HmmÖ

On Friday, he said that he would send me a refund and give me a tracking number on Monday (Today), which seems odd to me since if he really wanted to give me a refund, he could do it through Paypal. So here I am, typing a really long rant about my whole ordeal.

I was wondering if anyone has any advice on what, or anything I can do about my situation.

And if Cory or anyone from Atlantic Armory wants to come have an open debate on what happened to my order, feel free to come and post. I still have all the information and emails and conversations between us.

Thanks for taking the time to read this really long rant.
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