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I had a lot of fun with my first Cybergun Beretta 92FS softair springer I got in Minneapolis. The first was testing how powerful it was at point-blank on the palm of my hand with a .12g bb. It bled for quite some time.

Same time, we took some photos of each other in mock execution poses, other stuff like that, all while people are wandering in and out of the Mall Of America parkade. We got more than a few weird stares, but assumed people didn't do anything because they saw the Manitoba plates and chalked it up to "Krazy Kanucks".

There was also the time we were at Cabella's and were amazed with the assault rifles sitting behind the counter, so we posed with the AKs and M15s, and then my Jewish buddy and I posed with him pointing the AK at me and I'm holding my hands up with a freaky look on my face. In the background you can see the clerk pointing and yelling at us. That was pretty funny.

As far as stupid combat situations, I haven't really encountered any because I've only played at XT in Winnipeg three times, and that's the extent of my experience. One day, I'm sure to do something stupid there, I don't doubt it at all.
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