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Originally Posted by -ORG-OrgyMeyer
Originally Posted by Dracheous
Yes but surplus stores that deal in sharp pointy objects are supposed to have a license for distrubuting them or importing them... specially when you get into collector type weapons... like a Morning Star... thats not something you can just wip down to Crappy Tire and get a tig welder to make...

But yeah these wouldn't be as good or accurate as the ones they were bringing in from Georgia I'm sure...

Hmm... what that has listed as a "Morning Star" is just a flail... what I've known to be a Morning Star from all my books is basically a giant sledge hammer... on the head one side is flat and the other has several spikes... with a sort of half-sphere shape to it... hence the name Morning Star... becuase it makes the morning lights go out and looks like the Star in the sky we all see... its a weapon based on blute force... although... yes I've seen some "flails" called Morning stars although those were a ball with MANY spikes and only one of them on the chain... not several... that looks more like a nine-tail what your link shows...

And still no... you can't go make a "real" weapon from running down to crappy tire and fashioning your own swords takes ALOT of practice and ALOT of time and ALOT of knowledge and not too mention ALOT of heat... trust me I've tried... but the second any sword that my uncle has smithed touches them... they are sheared in half... there are many angles and shaping that goes into it... but if you want something to stab someone... here's a sharp pointy pencil... have fun...
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