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Originally Posted by NuttyHunter
REAL STEEL accident;

I hunt deer moose and small game. The former two with a 6 Mill Remington Model 700. My dad calls it the lady gun because I hunt with it. I call it freakin' AWESOME.
The moose was 35 feet in front of me. I don't have open sights so I was trying to get this thing in my 2-7x32 Tasco and I (had the weapon shouldered properly) put my face WAY too close to the scope. My dad yelled ''SHOOT!'' and I pulled the trigger.
I had blood pouring down my face (even the little cuts make lots of blood when they're on your face) and I had taken my glases off (broken) and all my dad coulddo was laugh. I couldn't shoot again (lucky shot- I got the 1000lb cow) to down the beast that was stumblign as much as I was. I couldn't open my eyes it hurt so much.
I finally walked up to it when it fell and did the executioner style shot while holding my head WAY back from the scope.


I'll be laughing at this one for a long time...

The only real "Embarrassing" event... was I jumped out from behind some trees to go look for the last guy... this was out at the Foxden... first game too... it was 3 of us... free for all... and I'd already got one... anyway... I jumped out to go looking for the other guy because I was getting to ansy to sit and wait... and as I did I saw movement to the right of me... it was the last guy lifting his M4... and I'd lost balance trying to lift mine... and slipped in the snow... ended on my ass watching all the BB's go flying over me as I rolled back into the trees... now... I'm trying to get my M4 to fire... -.-... my battery went dead... all juiced out from the previous fire fights all day...

Other than that.. it was a Real Steel... there'd I'd taken this huge RDS scope off my Grandfathers Remington semi-auto .308 and put a blank rail on to fill the screw holes... but I'd turned one screw down a little too much.. and as I was finishing this ((was doing it in feild because I couldn't see the Red Dot... the battery died and I was working on putting on a lensed scope))... anyway... out walks this Doe about 120 yards from me and I'm trying to pull the damn action after slapping a mag into the well... nothing... I yank on it thinking something was just stuck... ((dumb move))... hand slipped and I cut open my thumb on the housing... now mad... bleeding... and a confused Doe starring back at me... I get the screwdriver out lift out the screw a very little bit after seeing this... lifted the gun... damn doe had moved around the hill... my grandfather laughing at me now... I get annoyed and run to the top of the hill... lift the gun and fire two shots... the first in the does heart and the second in its neck... and walk back... sit down... pretend to have missed for all of the five minutes it took me to pack up our gear to head back for lunch... then cruised up with the Argo to get the deer ^.^ ((Grandfather was worried me not taking the normal route back))...

Only other incident was a moose... ran outta bullets and it was still charging... damn 30-30... my grandfather lifted his 12 guage shotgun that had a slug in it... BLAM!... one shot and the things humpy disintergrates... and the thing drops not 10 feet in front of me...
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