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How you will learn not to import airsoft from outside the country....

"For the third time in three weeks, customs officials in Winnipeg have intercepted illegal stun weapons coming into Canada from the U.S., a trend the Canada Border Services Agency says appears to be on the rise.

As reported in the Sun last Saturday, CBSA agents picked off a courier shipment on Jan. 24 of three 300,000-volt stun guns, which were packaged along with brass knuckles, medieval morning stars and butterfly knives.

An Edmonton man was charged with importing the weapons, all of which are illegal in Canada.


Yesterday, the CBSA announced two new Winnipeg seizures, both in courier shipments coming in from the U.S.

The larger of the two shipments was seized last Wednesday and consisted of 15 200,000-volt stun guns, 20 nunchuks, five spring-loaded knives (switchblades), 10 butterfly knives, 10 non-operational replica handguns, 14 non-operational replica shotguns, eight packages each containing four throwing stars, and five packages each containing five throwing cards -- a weapon Winnipeg customs officers have never encountered before.

"They're kind of like credit cards with a sharpened edge, and you throw them," said Mike Molotkin, CBSA's acting chief of air operations at the Winnipeg International Airport. "We've been aware they're out there in the marketplace but we hadn't ever seen one per se."

Five days after intercepting that large shipment, officers seized a 750,000-volt stun baton on Monday.

"It almost looks like a cattle prod," said Molotkin.

Both of the two recent seizures are still under investigation, so Molotkin would not say where the packages were bound.

"I couldn't surmise what they're for. Obviously, we're concerned about them but we're quite pleased we got them off the streets," Molotkin said.

Meanwhile, an Edmonton man is charged with importing illegal weapons to Canada after customs officers in Winnipeg seized stun guns, brass knuckles, morningstars and butterfly knives on Jan. 24.

The package, which originated in Georgia and was bound for Edmonton, was intercepted at a UPS courier hub after officers noticed anomalies in the shipping documentation.

John Robert Hunter, 24, was charged last month with importation of prohibited weapons.


Sadly, the Sun Online did not publish the other picture they ran in print copy to accompany this story - a pile of 14 UTG shotguns and a number of cheap airsoft springers.
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