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Originally Posted by yanhchan
Sorry I totally forgot Veridict LOLz....

BUY IT NOW!!!!!! Before they run out of outside if you have to...

I have no idea how well it goes against Aimpoints and other RDS...but I'm sure this one is quite good as it is a TASCO...
I bought one for my g36c and here's my take on the scope:

Brightness setting knob is ultra stiff, but sturdy
Lens caps fit not great, but snug.
Designed for ranges that normally exceed standard airsoft (manual states to sight in from 50-100 yards) so vertical correction at closer ranges is iffy.
Extreme adjustments to vertical can cause horizontal shifting of the dot

For $50 you can't go wrong and it is a well built scope. It does not have the 'military look' of the guarder or g&p rds, but it's also at least half the price of these units. With little adjustment I was suprised that accuracy was very good. Sighting is very easy as well. If only it had flip up (removable) caps

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