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Originally Posted by Sgt_Lynch

So yeah, I can see delays. But when things go on for over a Month... someone isn't playing ball. Short of longterm hospitalization, there isn't much you can say to save yourself and your reputation.
Generally, the rule I've used for the last 4 or 5 years, is as soon as I see money from someone, I get that shit out the door and in the mail. No screwing around, its my end of the transaction. And years ago it was fairly common place. But over the last year and a bit, I've noticed more and more of crap like this taking place. Including this last week, where I bought 2 different GBBs from two different sellers. I paid for one on sunday through EMT, expecting it to ship right away, and only found out it didnt ship till 5 days after I paid for it. The other was paid for, and I was told it would ship right away, assuming it would arrive today monday. No show. Both shipped promissed tracking numbers right away. Havent recieved the first one, the second one I only got today, and it doesnt even work.

I think the kiddies out there need to remember when you accept someones cash, you have a responsibility to get shit done. If you cant get shit done, either dont accept the money in the first place, or at least warn the buyer before hand.
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