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Worst: was a game in late spring and it was still snowy but that day it warmed up. we were taking this hill and my teamate in front of me said we have to cross this stream, i look there is one log, very wet and old so he crosses and i was just like this is not going to go well... half way across. CRACK! half my body sinks in but somehow i manage to avoid dropping my gun or getting any of my gear severly wet. then as we charge the hill i realize there is little to no cover. (So not only was there no cover, you hear the huge slushling sound of my boots filled with water as i charge)

so me being 6'4 and about 240pds i find myseelf hiding behind a bare tiny little tree it was smaller then me with a trunk thinner then my leg so...i looked ridiculous. then realizing the perdicament.

Extreme: i run out and come across many guys sprinting across one side of th mountain. i start shooting (rambo style... me being dumb) they start to turn and run and fire at me. I throw myself onmy back and making a v shape with my body return fire. Not A SINGLE BB from anyones gun hit anyone. it was hilarious but i managed to scramable away and get them later.

but yeah my story.
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