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I don't know, I can see both sides of the story here.

As a buyer, you want your shit. You get the 'new gun giddies' and pace around the mailbox for a solid week till the damn thing gets there. If it doesn't show up within that period of time you go though the hurt/mad/pshyco phase.

As a seller, I have a simple system. Once payment is received I box & address the item sitting at my computer. Then the next morning it goes in my truck and will get delivered if I have time and a post office nearby. But.... heh, I've had some freeky things happen that seem to thwart all effort to ship stuff at times. It's almost like God himself was interveening.

So yeah, I can see delays. But when things go on for over a Month... someone isn't playing ball. Short of longterm hospitalization, there isn't much you can say to save yourself and your reputation.

As for the feedback. I've yet to see negative feedback for quite a few deals I saw go sour and were announced right here in this forum. If the Mods are willing to 'adjust' retalitory feedback as Lisa said, people need to leave a more accurate representation of what actually happened. But, most people leave positive because they managed to unfuck a fucked up deal. Thats Fucked up... and you're screweing the next guy in line.
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