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As I have heard many complaints of the FA-MAS to be an annoyingly creaky weapon, I decided to take action about this.
Taking my FA-MAS apart, I placed tape on some internal spots where creaking was happening (namely the foregrip).
Next part was a lot harder...
The pistol-grip, as many FA-MAS owners know, is actually one of the main spots of the creakiness. Following Robot2000 of Arnie's Airsoft's advice, I tried to pry open the hatch at the bottom of the pistol-grip (useful for storing small tools/ammo, by the way) with a flat-head screwdriver. However, this didn't work, I wondered why...
Next thing, I tried even HARDER. While trying to pry it open, the screwdriver slipped, taking a small chunk of my finger and hitting me in the chest.
After this, I decided "Screw it", and took out the hinge that kept it in the first place. Prying it open from the hinge part, it popped open (one side at a time) fairly easily... except it had GLUE in it. No-one else had glue in it, why the hell did I...
After that, I unscrewed the small metal screw at the bottom. This led to me being able to take off the pistol-grip fairly easily.
I applied some tape to the place it screws over, and put the grip back on (taking a while to screw it back in, there were metal threads so I could put it in tightly without damaging anything). After I was sure it was REALLY solid, I tested it.
Surprisingly enough, this got rid of 75 percent of the creaks. Still creaks A BIT, but not nearly as much as it did beforehand.
Later today, I'll finish with the silencer (PVC pipe being cut to fit it perfectly).
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