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Originally Posted by G Unit
no, we were not on public propterty. we were out of town limits, no reporters or nothing, we didnt brandish them in public and we were not being irresponisble. we hid them up until the point where we were off in the distance, out of town limits, and in a secluded field.

just makin sure everyone is aware of that. we had no control over who was takin a walk in the bush, not our fault. :-x
Wrong; entirely your fault. Public means ANYWHERE a member of the PUBLIC can see you. And guess what? You were seen. Cope with it.
You decided to play someplace that was not authorized, nobody forced you.
I'm ready to bet you did not tell the police first either.
No pity, and dont try to cover that spectacular level of a goof. You're just fanning the flames above and beyond the limit.
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