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Question legal issues - please help

k listen, me and my friend were just airsofting out in a field. just the two of us. somebody walkin by, or someone that saw us on the way there in our camo called the police. a few rounds later, the police came out, pistols drawn and loaded, and made my friend and i drop our guns and walk with our hands in the air to a cruiser. after a bit of discussion, it was agreed that no criminal charges would be pressed if my friend and i signed out AEGs over to be destroyed.

i questioned the police and they said that "it is illegal to posess a replica fire arm unless it follows under the grandfather clause (means that you can only own one if u owned it previous to the law being made). we cannot purchase any more guns and the company that we did purchase the AEGs off of will be contacted."

basically, the games anywhere are illegal, owning an airsoft rifle is illegal, and anything having to do with this site is illegal.

what i wanna no is, was i right to sign over my AEG to be destroyed, and what is the actual legal limits to airsofts? i do not know the laws and im hoping someone reading this post will. please help me. thnx
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