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Good to finally see a reply from YOU, not a third party. We have discussed this to death, but I feel I still need to hammer home some points.

I still see no pictures of the damage to the M14, nor an explanation for why you did not contact me when the M14 arrived in such a state. Most anyone else here would contact the seller immediately if there was a molested package on their doorstep, as CP claims need to be made promptly, yet you did not inform me of any such problems until I noticed the gaping problems with the M4.

Yes, it is reasonable that I did not get a chance to fire the M4, as I didn't attend a game, where am I to fire it in my parents house? Perhaps take a stroll in their backyard, just off a major street and let some rounds loose? I'm sure that would have ended fantastically.

The LAM unit is broken, and it is not broken in away that would scream shipping error to me. It was broken, as you say it “in the way they all break”, in that the plastic clamp was cracked in half. You have offered no explanation to how this might have occurred, and now refuse to believe there was damage at all.

In regards to shipping, I already made my case. I asked my parents, who were in possession of the M14 to ship it, I was assured it would be. Later when I asked about a tracking number from them so I could PM it to you, they stated they had not yet shipped it. Given I was going to their place late Thursday evening, I elected to ship it myself on the Friday. Also if I am not mistaken, I took me roughly a day and a half to reply. Like you, I too have a life, school etc., which precluded you from replying to other Pms I sent you in a timely manner, how would you expect me to?

Also, you keep making a deal about how if I had shipped the M14 i would have known how much it costs. I don't understand what your trying to argue here. I've already admitted on several occasions the M14 was shipped late. What are you trying to get at?

Also, as previously stated, I cannot have AEGs, GBBs, Paintball guns, or Real Steel at my current residence, its a term of my renting here. As I already said in this post, it would preclude me from testing a new AEG arrival for shooting until I can either get it to a game, or someone's home who has a decent area to try it. Upon receiving the AEG, I dry-fired it, simply to see if it cycled. For the very reasons you say you wouldn't screw me, I trusted you. However once I was able to open the mechbox and take a look, I found problems.

Let me ask you this, if I was out to screw you over this deal, why would I be making such a fuss over the nozzle? If this were simply an attempt to bleed you of money fore replacement parts, why would I not have simply said something to the effect of “the MB is making a grinding noise”. I wouldn't choose a $10 part, as there is no point in going to this much trouble to get it from you.

You mention years of transactions without problems. I too have been making transactions since 2001, and the only trouble I've had are from other people (IE: their AEGs not showing up at all, showing up BROKEN, such as this case, etc.).

Also you state, “Had he been a straight up guy-no bullshit...I would have sent him some spares. “. Where have I bullshitted you? As soon as I noticed ANY problem I Pm'ed you. If anyone is bullshitting here, I would say it is you. As the problem with the M14, only was reported AFTER I reported the problems with the M4 to you. You claim this was a painful deal for you, however I hardly see how that is. You were able to get a fully functioning, barely used M14, and mags, which at the moment is a relatively hard AEG to get, and in return, I get a hodgepodge of parts that was put into an AEG, that I can't even use.

This “headache” as you call it, is easily resolved by you simply owning up to the fact that you sent a broken AEG out, and do the right thing, by offering to either send replacement parts, or agree to cover part of the repair cost. This is ALL I've ever asked of you in this transaction, yet your absolutely against it. It makes me wonder why you were so eager to take a deal that you now say was so bad for you, yet now I suppose that reason is clear.


PS - You keep calling me a child during this whole thing, yet your the only one who keeps up directly insulting me, like this post from BCAC.

this thread will go away,in a week's time.For 1 reason only-the child that started this thread has alot of growing up.Airing of dirty laundry has no place in the forum.
Maybe you'll find someone else to help you. Maybe black mesa... THAT WAS A JOKE, ha ha, fat chance.

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