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First off,this had been the worst transaction in my life.Anybody who knows me ,or has dealt with me over the 4 years I have been in the airsoft community knows this is not what I am about.Having sold/traded about 15-20 guns over this time(some upgraded,some not ) -there has always been a happy transaction.

To say that I would ship a broken gun-is complete and total crap!! .I chrono'd it as I was boxing it up,and it shot around 380.I owned that gun the longest of any guns,and it recieved great amount attention.As well there is nothing misleading in my ad-I was even going to the trouble to set up a test shoot for anybody .(Kinda hard to do with a gun with no nozzle).If a gun had no nozzle it wouldn't shoot.The nozzle brings the bb up into the hop-up chamber,holds it there-then fires.

While boxing it up-I noticed that the mount on the G&P lam was broken(they all break here)-I offered my ICS one that I had sitting on my shelf .This one was in good condition.It was never over tightened--If it was broken--I would have offered some kind of compensation-as I have alot of spare gun parts.Not any more LAM units though.

The box I shipped it in was the box the Maruzen L96.This was the only one I had that would fit everything.I even ripped all the foam padding out of another gun case,and used it for padding.Taped the living shit out of it,and sent it off because of his constant nagging to have it before the weekend.After I sent him the tracking number-Nothing!!...didn't hear a word from him for a while.When I suspected a scam-he finally replied days later.He still didn't have any tracking number for me-strange? .When my gun arrived in T.O-he stated that he was going to ship it later that day--TOTAL CRAP!...He said that it was at his parents house-ANY HE HAD FORGOT,BECAUSE HE DIDN'T HAVE THE M14 IN HIS POSSESION.At this time he finally gave me tracking number,and stated" I just paid $60 to send this damn thing to you!"---HAD HE SHIPPED IT WHEN HE SAID HE WAS GOING TO-HE WOULD HAVE ALREADY KNOWN THE SHIPPING.Plus,after my asking couldn't he have asked his parents(if they were really aware they were supposed to ship it for him the tracking #?!!).

When my gun showed up-->one corner of the box appeared to have been left in some water(the cardboard all fell apart),and the fabric that the gun was wrapped in was hanging out.The cocking lever had torn though the side of the box.When I took it out the lever was extremely wobbly.I found the lever retainer was almost ready to break free.I have since re-threaded the screw,but it still sits in pieces.

To say that he never shot the gun at all-only just opened the metal body to check for cracks-BULLSHIT!....Had he been a straight up guy-no bullshit...I would have sent him some spares.I still have alot of parts from when I used to run SPEC-OPS Airsoft.Another reason I would never sent a broken gun.Why would I?,I have a crap load of verII parts.He has since parted the gun out.

Before the deal went south- I asked for no b.s...he told me that he had a deal go bad on him,and this would not be the case. .This should have been the writing on the wall.I should have said screw it-go pound sand.But alas,here I am with this headache.

He waited for the gun to show up,fucked with it -NOW wants compensation.Very Laugh-able.

This all I will say on this matter.


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