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For the record if anyone ever screws me the way this poor guy was duped I wont take it up on ASC. I'll show up at your front door and we will take care of it man-to-man (non-violently)

As a third party who has absolutley nothing to do with this situation I know my input is totally useless in the situation at hand but it was posted in a public thread so giving my two-cents is my right.

It really sounds like some guy wanted to unload his FUBAR'd gun and did what SO MANY of the people in the classifieds do, lied about it's condition and hoped no one would call him on it. No matter what other factors were involved on the trade selling a gun like this through ASC WITHOUT disclosing the guns issues is inexcusible. Listing the gun as being in good condition is just plain fruadulant.

I know there are at least 3 sides to every issue but the fact that the for sale post apparently made ZERO mention of the gun's issues, the fact that the seller in question refuses to show up and defend himself, and the fact that he has stated plainly his refusal to make the situation right speaks volumes to his culpability in this.

I hope it gets resolved to everyones satisfaction. It all could have been avoided if people would be a bit less forgiving of their own gear when it comes time to sell it.

Hell I've seen people throw the word 'MINT' around like it was nothing on the classifieds.

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