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Originally Posted by Bunny
He's not going to do the asc circus, he wants to deal with Goldman. You aren't going to hear from him here.
I see. So your reply on his behalf, as a third party with information that he doesn't want to publically characterize as correct or incorrect? Regardless of the asc circus, if he feels he's been screwed around, I find it odd that he wouldn't take the opportunity to put forth his side. It makes me wonder about the veracity of your claims when he isn't willing to come forth, and the thread over in BCAC was effectively moved from public view.

I'm just voicing what is being thought of over here. We're being assured that J-Air is reputable and is above this sort of thing and that its all Goldman's fault, but, he isn't willing to come over here and tell us why, and we're supposed to just accept that?

I'll leave it at that and wait to hear from Goldman regarding further communications from J-Air on this as well as go ahead with our inspection and this end as well as photographing the item appropriately. People will just have to formulate their opinion on this from one viewpoint. Thats unfortunate but perhaps Goldman has said all that needs to be said about it then.
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