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Okay, bear with me this is going to be a long one.


PEQ – I was told the ICS one I received was supposed to be mint, IE: the NOT broken one, yet it was broken on arrival. I have NOT received a non-broken PEQ from J-Air.

The M203 – If the mounting was unstable, he should have stated that to me, not saying its in good condition, this type of problem makes an AEG unusable in my opinion, and as such I would list that.

The M14 – Again, why did he not contact me about this when it happened? Why did he WAIT until I confronted him about the problems with the M4 to do so? He had ample time after the arrival of the M14, and even during our PM exchange on Friday to do so. By making me wait until it is “convenient” for him to do so, it would make me wonder if he is in fact staging the M14 to look broken, when it was not.

I tried being reasonable, In fact unlike him, I didn't insult him in every private message regarding a problem with the M4. I am merely at my wits end, as he simply has decided to wash his hands of this, and effectively tell me to bugger off.

Bunny and BigMatty:

I am parting the AEG off already so that I can purchase other parts that will give me a functioning AEG to play with. Unlike most people on these boards, I can't afford more than one primary, and as it stands I've been without a working AEG for quite some time now. I have game, and team obligations that require me to have a functioning AEG. As such I'm working the lemons I was given, to try to make lemonade.

I posted the sales up before this thread, as I'd hoped J-Air would have been reasonable in dealing with me, instead of stone walling me. As such I am trying to make the quickest possible solution to this problem. At this point I am not willing to accept the M14 in return, as I have no way of trusting that it will be returned in the same condition as it was shipped. Again, I ask if there was a problem with it on arrival, why did J-Air wait to bring it up until AFTER I noticed the numerous problems with the M4? It just doesn't add up.

I would like to see J-Air post here with his information, instead of a third party with skewed information.

Maybe you'll find someone else to help you. Maybe black mesa... THAT WAS A JOKE, ha ha, fat chance.

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