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Originally Posted by Bunny
So you are saying you never fired it? You got a gun from someone you don't know and never fired it? You pm'd him after saying star mags don't fit very well in the CA body, but yet you never fired it before you took it apart? Cmon...
He says it's absolute bs there was no nozzle, and I believe him.
That does not negate that fact that Goldman found otherwise. Some of the other things you have said J-Air should address. Leave that for him.

Originally Posted by Bunny
He'd used that gun many times with no issues, so if you broke it...

Scarecrow, I think the shipping is relevant, as it's part of the trail of untruth and bad faith. If someone was jerking my chain like that I'd be a little bitter over the whole thing as well. Personal resonsibility...
I agree there is a case of personal responsibility on both sides here. So far I've seen Goldman come back and address each of your statements. Your opinions about 'untruth and bad faith' as well as implying that Goldman broke it have no business in this thread and I'd kindly ask you to adjust your tone. We're trying to establish facts. The fact remains that the primary complaints are the conditions of the items as BOTH parties received their items.

If you don't have facts to contribute, kind back off the posts and if you can contact J-Air and direct him to this thread to reply, that would be the most helpful thing you could do at this stage. Otherwise, this thread will head for the trash and nothing will get resolved.

Originally Posted by Bunny
The m14 had the charging handle broken off and the whole thing looking like it had been kept underwater. Hey, so it's a CP issue, shit happens. You asked for pics on Friday, he said "no problem but I'm going away for the weekend", yet even though you knew he'd left you do all these posts here and on our boards over the weekend knowing that he'd gone away. He's back now, I'm sure you'll get pics. Dismissive smear my ass.
If there is a CP issue, it should be addressed. That has been stated. As far as I can tell, its Monday evening and we're still waiting to hear from J-Air or see pictures. Goldman will be more than happy to support J-Air's claims with CP if indeed there was shipping damage.

As far as dismissive smear, re-read what I said - without J-Air coming forward IT LOOKS like that. As I said previously I don't know the guy so I really can't say one way or the other.

Originally Posted by Bunny
He says he shipped you a gun without problems and you broke it, you say otherwise, etc etc.

Perhaps you each have a reason to bitch? I get the feeling you are going to have to handle this one yourself Goldman, between you and him. He's a reasonable guy, perhaps try being reasonable in return. If you try and talk shit to him you're going to hit a brick wall, I'll tell you that up front.
I would give both parties the benefit of the doubt here Bunny and let them exchange their own observations with either of us characterizing them. 'trying to talk shit to him' - again, I think J-Air can address the tone of their communications as well Goldman can simply by releasing the PMs. I'd suggest that the only way to make headway here is to keep the tone civil and stick to facts. Bunny, again, you're making characterizations that are not productive.

Originally Posted by Bunny
As Scarecrow said, if you two can't come to an arangement, perhaps you should each return the other's property (are you already parting it out?). If you broke the gun, own up to it, get it fixed, and ship it back. The game is all about honour and being overly honest, so too should this transaction.
Actually, the gun has been boxed and bagged for photography and inspection by a mutually agreed upon local gunsmith. As Goldman said, he did not have the opportunity to field the item and his observations are via inspection. I recommend we again, stick to facts. The color commentary won't resolve anything.
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