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So you are saying you never fired it? You got a gun from someone you don't know and never fired it? You pm'd him after saying star mags don't fit very well in the CA body, but yet you never fired it before you took it apart? Cmon...
He says it's absolute bs there was no nozzle, and I believe him.

The peq issue again, you got a broken one that he told you was broken, and a new ics one. What's the issue again?

The 203 was a sun project, on a tm ris, on a ca gun. Not the most ideal setup, but you knew that going in. He'd used that gun many times with no issues, so if you broke it...

Scarecrow, I think the shipping is relevant, as it's part of the trail of untruth and bad faith. If someone was jerking my chain like that I'd be a little bitter over the whole thing as well. Personal resonsibility...

The m14 had the charging handle broken off and the whole thing looking like it had been kept underwater. Hey, so it's a CP issue, shit happens. You asked for pics on Friday, he said "no problem but I'm going away for the weekend", yet even though you knew he'd left you do all these posts here and on our boards over the weekend knowing that he'd gone away. He's back now, I'm sure you'll get pics. Dismissive smear my ass.

He says he shipped you a gun without problems and you broke it, you say otherwise, etc etc.

Perhaps you each have a reason to bitch? I get the feeling you are going to have to handle this one yourself Goldman, between you and him. He's a reasonable guy, perhaps try being reasonable in return. If you try and talk shit to him you're going to hit a brick wall, I'll tell you that up front.

As Scarecrow said, if you two can't come to an arangement, perhaps you should each return the other's property (are you already parting it out?). If you broke the gun, own up to it, get it fixed, and ship it back. The game is all about honour and being overly honest, so too should this transaction.
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