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Originally Posted by Bunny
Originally Posted by Goldman
- Last weekend I returned home and cracked open the body ,only to find the AEG lacks a nozzle. It is very clear that the brass tube from the cylinder head was protruding from the mechbox ,without the black plastic nozzle that should be there allowing to fire. I have not yet been able to drop the M4 off with a gun-tech to get a more detailed report, but I fear further problems within the AEG itself.
You had asked him to rush ship it so you could have it for a game that weekend. You got it in time and played with it, and your only comment after that was that the ris came loose. If it had no nozzle, it wouldn't have fired a shot. And yet no mention of it to J-Air (who apparently has every pm still). Surely you fired a shot during this game you played? Thus, it had a nozzle when you got it.

I didn't attend the game that weekend, you can ask the game host. My ride fell through. I had wanted it so I could attend the game if everything else worked out, but it didn't. That is why I didn't report the nozzle problem until I separated the receivers to check the MB for cracks.


Also you'll notice that the FPS limit at that field is 350, when J-Air claims the AEG shoots 380, thus i wouldn't have been able to use it, even if I was able to attend.
Maybe you'll find someone else to help you. Maybe black mesa... THAT WAS A JOKE, ha ha, fat chance.

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