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None of the information regarding shipping is relevant. Both parties have each others promised property, so no promises were broken there, there were only minor inconveniences. Goldman explained himself in this regard. Since the timing of the shipping has no bearing on the current problem, I'd put that aside and address the condition of the items.

I'd still like to hear from J-AIR on the problems he found with the M14. If there is a CP claim to be made, it should be made. If not, then he can't really complain can he? Similarly if there is an internal problem with the M14 that suggests it has been compromised before shipping, that should be discussed as well. The fact that J-AIR has not come forward to offer any information makes his claims appear to be a dismissive smear rather than a legitimate problem he seeks to rectify. If my rep were on the line, I would be very forthcoming with information about it.
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