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Originally Posted by Bigmatty
I will see whats going on the BC a point, I am not going to mediate anything as I have no time to do it. I will say this though. that gun never had any problems when I was shot by it....and Jair is a competent gunsmith, I cannot see him trying to fuck you over.
Bigmatty, is this your personal position, or does it represent the opinion of the admin staff which moved the post. Is there someone at that end willing to mediate this? Ie: inspect the gun and listen to the party impartially?

The condition that the M4 arrived in is not consistent with that of a competent gunsmith, so there is a discrepency with the item at this end that the seller/trader should address. Similarly if Jair has issues with the condition of the M14, it should be addressed by Goldman. If they can't come to an arrangement, both parties should return each other's property.
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