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As with anything, there are two sides to every story -and the side I heard paints things in a very different light. I see you fail to mention any wrongdoing by yourself...

For one thing, you two agreed to a trade and to ship simultaneously, but when you received the m4 a week later, you hadn't even shipped the m14 yet (or, what was it, got your parents to ship it for you?), and after holding onto it for a while longer you in fact you had lied about shipping it before you actually shipped it. Apparently the peq issue you were well aware of, so you shouldn't be acting like it's some big surprise. Again, apparently the same thing with the 203. This is why he was trading a thousand dollar gun for a used m14. Still, you started complaining to him about it, while still not shipping your gun to complete the trade, de facto holding it hostage. When I spoke to him he still hadn't received your m14, so I guess you finally shipped it at some point (and what, you shipped a broken gun?).
If you are trading a gun and both of you are shipping on the same day, you make sure that you do. Don't blame your parents.

What 'local response' do you want?
Both of you are saying the other one fucked them over. One person I know, and has served the gvrd for years and sold to everybody, even being a retailer for a while. He says *you* fucked *him* over.
As far as stepping forward to do the right thing, it sounds like you may have a little stepping forward to do yourself.

Perhaps if you own up to the part you played he might be more receptive.
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