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Originally Posted by pugs144
Goldman, you've already posted in the BCAC forums and I'm sure the admins will work with you to resolve this dispute. There's no point in airing the dirty laundry on ASC because nobody else here can help and the dispute has not yet been sorted out.
Goldman posted here because there has been no response from the BC area and he feels the last reply indicates that the other party is not particularly willing to discuss the matter or resolve it. As such he has posted it here for the public interest as many of us are quietly watching how this pans out. I find it interesting that the post has been removed from the BCAC website, preventing any local area response to it. I wouldn't say that the aforsaid reply or the actions on the BCAC website are a step in the right direction.

You're correct, the dispute has not been sorted out yet and many of us here look forward to seeing the dispute resolved between the two parties.
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