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I will post this soon on the BCAC boards for reference, but it is likely all my replies will be limited to ASC.

As well as leaving negative feedback for J-Air of BCAC(Pvt.Joker on ASC). I want to bring this to the public's attention, as I'm seeking help in the form of an intermediary to solve this problem.

Earlier in the month, J-AIR and myself worked out a trade deal in regards to my OD TM14, and his CA/TM M4RIS with M203. Those curious about the specifics of his M4 that won't be sighted in this post, may find the for sale thread here: We agreed to trade my TM M14, which was in near mint condition, plus 6 additional TM M14 mags (lo-caps_ for what is listed in the above linked ad.

Once we started to work out the specifics of the deal, other issues became apparent. I was told that the seller has disabled Semi-Auto which I'm fine with, but this set off some warning bells, that i should have listend to, about the rest of the gun. I was told the G&P PEQ that is pictured in the ad was in fact broken, and he had an ICS Peq unit in near perfect condition, I elected to take the non-broken ICS one. I was also told that the internals, and AEG were in excellent condition, other than a few dings and scratches.

Upon arrival of the M4 ( which was stuffed in a box too small for it.) I found a few very disheartening things:

- The clamp on the PEQ was cracked down the middle, likely from overtightening on the rail. As such its not possible to attach it to the RIS (when i tried to screw it on, the bottom of the clamp actually fell off). Making it not-possible to use the AEG, since its an external battery.

- the RIS and M203 were not properly mounted to the AEG. at the time, a silver washer was wedged between the body and the RIS holding it in place loosely, and the RIS unit, as well as the M203 is able to rotate around the outer barrel making it unsafe for use (if i took a fall with this thing, i see myself seriously fucking the front M203 mount, and or destroying anything on the RIS

The RIS also will come off if you pull with any real force.

- After initially receiving this and talking to J-air, he agreed to send his other "broken" PEQ that was initially pictured to see if i could jury-rig a solution. I then returned to my apartment in scarborough (it should be noted that all my gear resides at my parents house, since i cannot have them here at my apartment.) I assumed that he would come foreword with any other problems, I was wrong.

- Last weekend I returned home and cracked open the body ,only to find the AEG lacks a nozzle. It is very clear that the brass tube from the cylinder head was protruding from the mechbox ,without the black plastic nozzle that should be there allowing to fire. I have not yet been able to drop the M4 off with a gun-tech to get a more detailed report, but I fear further problems within the AEG itself.

Once I confronted J-Air with this, he began to use profane words and refused any compensation. He then stated that the M14 arrived in FUBARED condition, yet he didn't provide pictures, nor contact me when the M14 arrived nor did he request I begin the process to make an insurance claim on the parcel through CP.

Needless to say I'm VERY disappointed in this transaction, and this will likely end any dealings I may have with the membership of BCAC. I would appreciate any assistance in getting J-Air to step foreword and do the right thing, help get this M4 running in the condition that it was stated to be in, and to not stick with his concluding PM line:

"If you think I am going to compensate you in any way-give you're head a shake"


Maybe you'll find someone else to help you. Maybe black mesa... THAT WAS A JOKE, ha ha, fat chance.

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