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Originally Posted by GraveTech
Mysteryfish: That is an aspect I never thought of, but it begs teh question, how would you enforce it after a bad trade or sale, if one person is not willing to participate. If it was the one with the tag, you could take it away and they may have troubles doing deals down the road but that would not solve a dispute. This begs further discussion.
Fair enough... I hadn't gone to the length of considering how to tie an individual to the [figurative] contract they're signing into when they become a participant, but I guess it'd be a necessity to enforce the system. Without risk of punishment for backing out of it, it wouldn't be much more than a superficial label...

Also, with respect to just removing the tag - I suspect that becoming a 'member' per se, would involve more than a text tag. Surely a list of members could be kept...

I just saw this as an interesting way to augment the buy/sell forum, since both sales venues would still exist:

1 - The traders who are not interested in/not afraid of dealing without the system

2 - The other individuals, who either trade risky goods or expensive investments, or who have been scammed in the past and want the extra security without having to give up the convenience of the buy/sell. Or those who simply want to be involved because it could be a great way to make your goods and sales more attractive (keeping in mind that you'd be basically guaranteeing that you're a good person to deal with).

I basically meant to show my support for something that might grow out of this idea. Not even just for myself, since I don't trade or buy much anymore, but also because ASC is really the heart of airsoft in Canada, and as far as I can tell, remains one of the best places to get things that would otherwise be much harder to come across.

Even if it isn't feasable right now, trying to making it an even safer, more reputable venue can't really be a bad idea.
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