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Review- KWA Glock 18c

I had read good things about a glock 18, and even though i'm a colt guy, i decided to pick 1 up. It came in a styrofoam box with mag, small bag of bb's, and the assorted phamplets that come with all guns.If your used to .45's this gun will feel pretty light, even with the upgraded metal slide and outer barrel. The mag is full metal, and has a handy base plate to protect the valve. So i loaded the mag and tried it out on semi. Even without the hop up set, the glock was pretty accurate. It acts like a bb hose when on full auto, but only for about 2 seconds. This thing eats ammo, so it is not wise to spray and pray. It's pretty gas efficent on semi; using about 3 mags per refill. On the other hand, you can only shoot 2 clips on full auto before refilling with gas.

upgraded metal slide and valves
relativly cheap price
full auto capable
lots of after market parts(ie. recoil springs, valves, etc.)

stiff selector switch and mag
eats ammo(if used on full auto)
lower half platic( but it is just like a real glock)

Overall this gun is an awesome newb gbb. Its a blast to shoot, and it's relatively cheap. Cant wait to use it in a skirmish!
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