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If you want to start something like this – you need to identify what the requirements are. Then build an objective, or a scope and build a process of how this will be done. It might not be the BEST process initially, but it is a MEANS that is open to correction and guidance. Who would be affected by this? The stakeholders who actively trade $10,000 aprox. a month via the buy and sell on ASC.

I think if there was more attention to what a buyer or seller needs, perhaps a commonality can be found, and as a direct result, better transactions, less disappointments, and less dirty laundry threads that get locked before they get good.
Perhaps a little more accountability to the community might change the mindset where ASC is ‘full of dumbasses’ and not worth it’s influence because it ‘doesn’t matter’. If anything this should be leading by example, not turning players away in disgust.
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