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I would say that people from all walks of life and age are interested in airsoft. Its a very unique sport (game) that people can all respect and enjoy. Look at the career paths that we have people from, ethnicities, I mean, its awesome, airsoft here can be very much the ultimate in multi culturism in Canada, as well as age range. I've seen players from say.. 12-16 (my lil cousins all play out in the bush at my place in the summer with small springers.. with goggles/eye protection.. in my own private forested 20 acre land.. with an airstrip and hanger btw. :P ), Right up to say.. 40 years old if not older. Just about every guy in the world likes guns, and if he doesn't, you gotta question if he is really just a post-op tranny hahah.

I don't get it, whats with all the underager bashing and ripping them up. Why can't we try to help them get into airsoft nicely? I starting hearing and getting interested in airsoft when I was about 15.. I had been in aircadets since 12 years old, been on the rifle team, my father an officer in Canadian forces (allowed me to goto base and shoot c9's, c7's etc. ) look at me now? Turning 21 and right into it. Sure, I couldn't afford any guns but I did get a springer and then a mini electric, and now I have several AEG's, gbb's... and play at as many games as my financial situation allows. I never got in trouble with the law with airsoft, and I did start as young as these people did. Sometimes I am appauled at the way new people are treated. I know that I was treated like crap when I was new and only through the help of a few particular people on ASC when I started out did I learn lots and finally get out to games.

I think instead of telling people to "stfu noob, wait till your 18.. BYE!!" we should atleast be telling them to come to games. And when I host games at Wasaga Beach, to be quite frank, I don't care how young they are.. I have had 15-16 year olds playing at the games I host and I have yet to have a problem with them playing, their parents come, sign the waiver, take off and boom were in a game.

I can understand where this is all coming from, I HAVE also seen some younger people who you wouldn't trust to be on their own with a stick, much less and airsoft gun, for more then 30 seconds alone.. but that doesn't nesecarly mean that they can't be taught through a good example how to do things. Look at Conscript! jk man, but seriously, he was a horrid noob, and now he is getting better through a good example and getting out to games, I don't think any amount of bashing helped.

Sorry bout my rant, its just me. Off topic too I guess, but all of you are off topic.

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