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I'm left confused on what his grade average really means?!... I mean there are American soldiers who have an IQ of 12 and get TANKS an shit?... is there something going on about no longer being age as a qualifier now its if you can multiply the dividen of the subtraction from the addition of what?!

@_@... whats this kid really asking beyond a long winded... "^.^ Hey My name is Joey and I just turned 13 and I convinced my mommy and daddy to buy me a high powered assualt rifle now I want to KILLLLL THINGS... heh heh Can I play? I promise I'll be good because... " etc etc...

ok fine... American Soldiers are not dumb... they're just ill-trained! ((Shouldn't really put em down I think I might take up an American Citizenship and just the US Naval Air Force... for shits and giggles I will!)) lol
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